Bakery in Vietnam: Taste the Delightful Creations

Vietnam is known worldwide for its diverse food and rich culture. Bakery cuisines have been increasingly popular among the many culinary delights in recent years. Bakeries have become an essential element of Vietnam’s cuisine scene, providing locals and visitors with traditional and innovative sweets.

In this blog article, we’ll take a look at some of Vietnam’s baked delicacies, as well as look at the importance of bakeries in the country and the history of baking in Vietnam.

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Bakery in Vietnam: A Delicious Blend of East and West

For hundreds of years, baking has been a feature of Vietnamese cuisine. The entrance of French colonization in the late nineteenth century, on the other hand, had a massive impact on the development of bakeries in Vietnam.

Traditional French baking techniques, such as sourdough bread, baguettes, and croissants, were carried with them and tweaked to accommodate Vietnamese ingredients and flavors.

The Vietnamese have invented baked dishes, such as banh mi, a crispy baguette sandwich, and pandan cake, a green-colored dessert made with pandan leaves.

Following the end of the Vietnam War in 1975, the Vietnamese government initiated a series of economic reforms that resulted in the expansion of private firms, including bakeries.

Today, bakeries are typical in Vietnamese cities and towns, offering a wide range of baked goods catering to locals and tourists.

Best Bakeries in Vietnam

Bakeries have become an essential feature of Vietnamese cuisine. There are numerous bakeries to select from, ranging from neighborhood stores to high-end restaurants. Here are some of Vietnam’s most excellent bakeries that you should not miss:

  1. ABC Bakery – Established in 1992, ABC Bakery has become a household name in Vietnam. This bakery is known for its wide range of bread, cakes, and pastries, emphasizing quality and affordability.
  2. Tous Les Jours – A French-inspired bakery chain that has gained popularity across Vietnam, Tous Les Jours offers a wide range of bread, pastries, and cakes. Their unique combination of French baking techniques and Vietnamese flavors makes them a must-visit.
  3. Cielo Cafe & Patisserie – A cozy cafe and patisserie in Ho Chi Minh City, Cielo Cafe & Patisserie is known for its exquisite cakes and desserts. The cafe’s elegant decor and relaxing atmosphere make it the perfect spot to indulge in sweet treats.
  4. Banh Mi Hong Hoa – This humble street-side bakery in Hoi An is famous for its banh mi, a Vietnamese sandwich made with crispy baguettes and various fillings. The bakery’s affordable prices and delicious flavors have made it a local favorite.
  5. Maison Marou – A chocolate-focused patisserie in Ho Chi Minh City, Maison Marou is known for its high-quality, locally sourced chocolate. Their desserts and pastries showcase the unique flavors of Vietnamese cacao beans, making them a must-visit for chocolate lovers.

Each of these bakeries has its distinct characteristics, whether it’s the quality of their ingredients, specialty items, or the atmosphere of their establishments.

ABC Bakery
ABC Bakery – Source: Internet

Flour Power: The Growing Trend of Veganism in Vietnam’s Bakery Scene

Veganism has grown in popularity in Vietnam in recent years. Vegan bakeries are becoming increasingly popular as more individuals aspire to live a healthier and more environmentally responsible lifestyle. Here are some of the most outstanding vegan bakeries in Vietnam for you to visit:

  1. Hoa Sen Vegan Bakery – Located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, Hoa Sen Vegan Bakery offers a wide range of vegan baked goods, including bread, cakes, and pastries. Their menu also features vegan versions of traditional Vietnamese treats, such as banh mi and mooncakes.
  2. Veganerie – A popular bakery chain that originated in Thailand, Veganerie has now expanded to Ho Chi Minh City. Their menu features a variety of vegan desserts, including cupcakes, cookies, donuts, and savory items like vegan pizza and sandwiches.
  3. The Organik House – A health-focused cafe and bakery in Hanoi, The Organik House offers a range of vegan baked goods made with organic and locally sourced ingredients. Their menu includes vegan cakes, muffins, bread, and a variety of vegan-friendly drinks and smoothies.

These vegan bakeries provide a distinctive assortment of baked products, ranging from traditional cakes and bread to vegan adaptations of conventional Vietnamese delights.

vegetarian banh mi
Vegetarian Banh Mi Vietnam – Source: Internet

The Rich Variety of Bread in Vietnam

Bread has become an essential aspect of Vietnamese cuisine, with several bakeries specializing in conventional French and Vietnamese versions.

Bread is used in various Vietnamese cuisines, including bánh mì, a sandwich made with crispy baguette stuffed with different meats, veggies, and sauces, and bò kho, a beef soup served with a side of bread.

Here are some of the common types of bread that are available at bakeries in Vietnam:

  1. Baguette – A French bread that has become a staple in Vietnam, baguettes are long and thin loaves of bread with a crispy crust and soft, fluffy interior. They are often used for making bánh mì sandwiches.
  2. Bánh mì bread – This type of bread is similar to baguettes but slightly shorter, more comprehensive, and has a lighter texture and thinner crust. It is used specifically for making bánh mì sandwiches.
  3. Brioche – A sweet, rich bread made with butter and eggs, brioche is often used in Vietnam for making French toast or as a base for sweet pastries.
  4. Mì quảng bread – This is a type of flatbread that is commonly used in the central region of Vietnam, particularly in the dish mì quảng, a noodle dish served with a variety of toppings.
  5. Cuốn bread – A type of bread rolled and filled with various ingredients, similar to a wrap or sandwich.

Bakeries in Vietnam offer a wide range of bread, from classic French baguettes to Vietnamese-inspired creations like bánh mì bread. Each bakery may have its unique selection, so it’s worth exploring different bakeries to find your favorite type of bread.

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Exploring the Best Bakeries for Special Occasion Cakes

Bakeries in Vietnam offer customers a wide range of cakes, including traditional Vietnamese flavors and Western-style cakes.

best bakery

For example, some popular Vietnamese flavors for cakes include pandan, durian, and coconut. These flavors are often used in cakes for special occasions such as weddings and birthdays.

Many bakeries in Vietnam sell Western-style cakes, such as chocolate cake, black forest cake, and cheesecake, in addition to traditional Vietnamese flavors. These cakes are frequently garnished with fresh fruit, flowers, or other toppings and can be tailored to the occasion.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional or Western-style cake, there are plenty of bakeries in Vietnam that can cater to your needs. Order in advance and specify any dietary restrictions or special requests.


Bakeries are critical to Vietnam’s culinary landscape, providing various delectable baked delicacies to locals and tourists. Traditional French bread and Vietnamese-inspired variations are available on the country’s bakery scene. Veganism is becoming more popular in Vietnam, with several bakeries offering plant-based delicacies. We encourage you to taste them and learn about the vast selection of baked goods available in Vietnam.