Cu Chi Tunnels Tour

Heroic History Underground

Geographical Location and Historical Significance of Cu Chi Tunnels

As someone living in Vietnam, I am excited to share with my international friends the incredible story of the Cu Chi Tunnels.

Embark on an adventure to the Cu Chi Tunnels, just a lively 1.5-hour drive (around 60km) from Ho Chi Minh City’s District 1. Huyen Cu Chi, famous for its Cu Chi Tunnels during the Vietnam War, is where you’ll find these remarkable underground passageways.

Imagine walking through these underground tunnels, feeling the weight of history on your shoulders. It’s astonishing to think that local residents originally built these tunnels to serve their daily lives, but they soon became a strategic stronghold for the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War.

Nowadays, the Cu Chi Tunnels are preserved in two areas: Ben Duoc (located in Phu My Hung commune) and Ben Dinh (located in Nhuận Đức commune). These areas offer visitors a chance to delve into the history and significance of the Cu Chi Tunnels.

As you explore the Cu Chi Tunnels, you can’t help but be in awe of the bravery and resourcefulness of our people. These tunnels provided a lifeline, offering a safe haven for civilians and a base for military operations. It’s an incredible feat of engineering and a testament to our unwavering determination to protect our homeland.

When you step foot inside the tunnels, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and sacrifices that our ancestors faced. You can almost hear their whispers of courage and resilience echoing through the walls. It’s a humbling experience that allows us to connect with their struggles and pay homage to their heroism.

Beyond its historical significance, the Cu Chi Tunnels are now a captivating tourist destination, welcoming visitors from all corners of the globe. Local guides will take you on a journey through time, sharing the secrets of tunnel construction and the stories of those who lived within them. It’s a chance to immerse yourself in our culture, to learn about our past, and to appreciate the peace we enjoy today.

The Cu Chi Tunnels are more than just a historical site. They represent the strength and resilience of the Vietnamese people during a challenging period. They offer a glimpse into our history, our values, and the unwavering spirit of a nation that fought for its freedom. So, come and experience the Cu Chi Tunnels for yourself, and let their stories inspire and move you.

A must-visit destination

When you visit the Cu Chi Tunnels, it is essential to explore the heart of Southern Vietnam, which is the Mekong Delta.

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Ben Duoc ‘Less-Crowded’ Cu Chi Tunnels Half-Day Tour

  1. Handicraft Workshop Visit: Immerse yourself in local craftsmanship at the handicraft workshop, where artisans showcase their skills.
  2. Documentary Film: Gain historical context through a captivating documentary film, unraveling the mysteries of wartime Cu Chi.
  3. Secret Entrance Exploration: Experience the thrill of discovering secret entrances and hidden traps used during the war.
  4. Gun Shooting (Optional): For an authentic touch, opt for the chance to shoot genuine guns, connecting with the wartime experience.
  5. Tunnel Crawling: Brave souls can crawl through the intricate tunnels, offering a firsthand perspective of underground life.
  6. Tapioca Tasting: Conclude the tour with a symbolic tasting of tapioca, a staple in the guerilla’s diet.

Cu Chi Tunnels & Mekong Delta 1 Day Tour


  1. Get picked-up at your accommodation in the city center and drive to Cu Chi.
  2. Watch a documentary film about the Vietnam War.
  3. Discover special constructed living areas with kitchens, bedrooms, storage, weapons factories, field, hospitals and command centers.
  4. Discover many hidden lefts behind trap doors.
  5. See huge bomb craters and the mere 10–13 feet thick level of upper soil.
  6. Break at the shooting range to shoot some real guns with Ak47, M16, M30, M60 (shooting fee is paid separately from the trip).
  7. Highlight of the trip is to crawl and experience the underground town of Cu Chi Tunnels.
  8. Drive to Mekong Delta, My Tho City.


  1. Take the boat trip to the local restaurant to have the delicious Southern Vietnamese Set Menu lunch.
  2. Visit the coconut process of coconut candy.
  3. Experience the floating fish farm on the Mekong River.
  4. Highlight of the trip is to take the rowing boat in the coconut river canal.
  5. Enjoy tropical seasonal fruit and listen to Vietnamese folk music.
    Drive back to Saigon.
cu chi mekong delta

One-Day History Tour of Sai Gon and Cu Chi Tunnels

cu chi tunnels saigon 1 day


  1. Get picked-up at your accommodation in the city center and drive to Cu Chi, around 65km. On the way to the Tunnels, visit the handicapped handicraft workshop.
  2. Watch a documentary film about the Vietnam War. Discover special constructed living areas with kitchens, bedrooms, storage, weapons factories, field hospitals and command centers helping whoev- er lives inside Cu Chi tunnels meet their basic needs.
  3. Discover many hidden lefts behind trap doors and dangerous traps within the maze-like tunnels and learning more about the handmade weapon and traps used during the Vietnam War. Seeing huge bomb craters and the mere 10–13 feet thick level of upper soil can support the bearing weight of a 55-ton tank and the explosive damage of bombs left from the war.
  4. Break at the shooting range to shoot some real guns with Ak47, M16, M30, M60 (shooting fee is paid separately from the trip).
  5. Highlight of the trip is to crawl and experience the underground town of Cu Chi Tunnels. This is the best part of the trip when you crawl into it to feel how it was like in the war. Guests who have claustro- phobia be not afraid of crawling inside, you still can see it from above the ground.
  6. Taste the pandan tea and tapioca (guerilla’s food during the war) before heading back to Saigon.


  1. THE HIDDEN WEAPON BUNKER: Vietcong soldier’s hidden bunker located in the heart of Saigon.
  2. WAR REMNANTS MUSEUM: Vietnam War storytelling from the other side.
  3. NOTRE DAME CATHEDRAL SAIGON: The pride of Saigon culture.
  4. CENTRAL POST OFFICE: The everlasting architecture of the French influence.
  5. THE LAST HELICOPTER: Remarking the fall of Saigon. Just to see, can’t enter it legally.

Customer testimonials

Highly recommend Mai was a great guide and three experience was well worth it. Highly recommend opting for the bike over the tuk tuk, as the tranquil nature is the highlight. The row boat through the mangroves was the other major highlight. Highly recommend.
Paul D
Paul D
Simply awesome Joy Journeys is an awesome tour company. Hands down Mr. Safa is the best tour guide you will find for this experience. Also, you will get to eat authentic home cooked Vietnamese food grown and fished natively along the beautiful Mekong River Delta. You will not be disappointed.
Ben F
Ben F
Best tour in Vietnam with Po Second booking with Joy Journeys and still we requested Po as our tour guide. My wife and I did the overnight trip to see to floating market in Can Tho. Everything was well organised, pickup was on time, boat trips were lovely as we had many boat excursions in 2 days. Bamboo Eco Resort was just amazing and we couldn’t ask for more. Most importantly, Po was the best guide ever. He was very informative and was very passionate to answer all of our questions. Book this tour and you won’t regret it.
Christian C
Christian C
Tolle Tour mit super Guide Tolle Tour. Da ich mit Tom als Guide schon eine erste Tour hatte, habe ich bei ihm wiedergebucht. Wir waren insgesamt nur zu 8, so dass wir sehr schnell an den verschiedenen Stationen im Museum waren. Er konnte uns sein Wissen sehr gut Vermitteln. Auch der Fahrer von Joy Journey hat uns gut durch die Rush Hour gebracht. Tolle Tour und toller Veranstalter
Sarbesh K
Sarbesh K
Best guide and best experience Tommy is very good at his job and he explained the history of the tunnels in a very picturesque manner and expertise. Very good job by joy Journeys and especially Tommy is very punctual and respectful
Nina T
Nina T
. Had a tour with Typhoon Honey who was very friendly and enthusiastic. Did the half day tour - tour was quick and efficient with brief, simple information of the Cu Chi Tunnels. Comfortable and timely pick up for tour.
Jerry B
Jerry B
Wonderful Mekong river life!! This tour was so special with a glimpse of the rural life on the Mekong. each stop was so insightful with brick factory, straw weaving, cacao and super special lunch in the jungle. Sunny was fantastic as the guide. The bicycle ride was my highlight. Cannot go wrong with this tour choice
Lucas P
Lucas P
Tom great tour guide Tom is an awesome tour guide. Good English. Listens well to the requests of the group. Takes time to explain . Knows a lot about the history and context of the tunnels and the broader conflict. Would recommend!
Tom N
Tom N
Fantastic tour!!!! We had a fantastic time on this tour. Our tour guide Typhoon honey was very passionate and informative and went above and beyond to ensure we enjoyed our experience. Couldn’t recommend more.
Samson D
Samson D
Good value Fun short day. Our tour guide Typhoon Honey was energetic and kept things moving at a good pace. Highlights include shooting guns (extra cost) and crawling through 100m of tunnels (optional).
Amazing day trip that gives you a great feel for the delta and the life around the area. Nia was an incredible tour guide who made our day amazing and was really engaging. Highly recommend
Es ist eine spannende Tour. Unser Tourguide hat viele spannende Dinge über Vietnam erzählt. Das einzige, was leider relativ lange dauert, ist die Autofahrt hin und zurück. Wir hatten leider auch noch Stau und sassen deswegen lange im Auto. Ansonsten ist es lohnenswert!
Great communication from the second I hit send. Po gave me our guide Trí’s contact details and he explained where to meet. Trí was an exceptional guide really informative and didn’t rush us at all. We had the most fabulous trip and went to a lovely spot that only had a few tourists. We saw lots of interesting crafts and ate like kings in wonderful settings with delicious food.
Po and his team make this experience an unforgettable one. They personalize it and make sure you don’t do the typical touristy stuff.
The trip to the Mekong Delta River with Tommy and the team was amazing . The storytelling Tommy provided of not only about the Meekong river, but Vietnam was great to experience, as was the farmhouse in which we had lunch the local way. It was also great to witness how locals appreciate every element of nature in preparing food and the goods that come from the land. Highly recommend this tour and great value for money.
I would highly recommend this Mekong Delta tour. We were shown around the Mekong Delta by Nia who is an excellent guide. I was picked up from in front of my hotel at 7 AM. We visited the brick factory, followed by the coconut factory. Then we had a small bicycle ride to the riverside where the boats were waiting for us. For those who can't ride a bike, there was a tuktuk available. Then the boat took us to the interior of Ben Tre where we were served a ravishing lunch, full of local delicacies which delighted us. The lunch was followed by a small boat ride, this time it was a rowing boat. And then we made our way back to Saigon. In the middle, we stopped at a nearby rice field at my request. Throughout the session, Nia was very engaging. He educated us about Vietnamese history, the culture, how the locals live and so on along with few jokes in between so as to keep the session fun and not dull. He also provided us with his own suggestions for eating joints. I left in the evening, having made new friends and a great morning.
Great non-touristy tour to visit the cool parts that are feasible to cover in the Mekong Delta area on a day tour. Thank you Helen!
There are lots of things to see and do in HCMC, but this your - now this was an experience. The small group size, the route taken, the touchpoints along the way all contributed to the feeling of an intimate and authentic experience. There are many tours to choose from, but I’d highly recommend Po’s. Our guide Helen was lovely, we made friends with the others on the trip and there itinerary was packed without feeling overwhelming or rushed. Riding the bike through the coconut trees might just be the best moment out of my whole Vietnam trip. Followed by the row along the canal. 11/10 would recommend.
We had a great time in the Mekong delta with this experience. It includes several locations and very diverse information and activities. We learned about the versatility of coconut and the making of coconut products, we tasted and sampled local sweets and drinks and learned about the local brick making processes. We have also explored small canals and had a fabulous lunch in a local homestay. I would recommend it to anyone interesting in sampling the complexity of the Mekong, in one authentic full day. Thank you Po, Safa & team.

Packing Tips for a Comfortable Trip

Prepare for your Cu Chi Tunnels exploration with these essential packing tips

Clothing Recommendations

Pack lightweight, breathable attire suitable for the tropical climate. Long sleeves and pants offer added protection during certain activities.

Travel Accessories

Equip yourself with a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and insect repellent for outdoor excursions. A reusable water bottle and comfortable footwear enhance your overall exploration.

Specific Items

Tailor your packing list based on planned activities. Include essentials like a camera, power bank, and a small backpack for day trips, ensuring you capture and carry your memories seamlessly.

Frequenty Asked Questions

How much does it cost to shoot the guns?

It’s around $37 for ten bullets, depending on the type of gun.

Will the tour be canceled if the weather is rainy?

Don’t worry. We are well-experienced in handling this situation. Raincoats will be provided in case of rain.

We are in district 3, is it possible to be picked up?

We offer pickup services from select locations in district 3, such as La Vela Hotel, Mai House Saigon Hotel, Truong Dinh Street, Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, and Truong Sa Street. Please contact us to confirm if pickup is available in your area.

Can we bring our belongings along the tour?

Yes, you can. Your belongings will be safe in our van.

Is it possible to drop us near the airport after the tour?

Certainly, we can drop you off near the airport. Please remember to bring your luggage. Our tour guide can assist you in catching a taxi to the airport.

Do we need to pay extra for being dropped off near the airport?

No, there is no additional charge for being dropped off near the airport.

I have claustrophobia, can I still join the Tunnels tour?

Absolutely. You will not crawl into the tunnels, but you can observe them from above and participate in other activities.

I arrive at the airport at around 11:00 AM, is it possible to join the afternoon tour?

Yes, it’s possible. We can pick you up from a location near the airport for your convenience. The address is 18E Cong Hoa. You can bring your luggage on the tour, and afterward, we will drop you off at your hotel if it’s in districts 1 or 4. Please contact us for more information.

Should we bring our raincoat?

Please check the weather forecast beforehand. If rain is expected, it’s a good idea to have a raincoat. However, if you forget to bring one, we will provide raincoats during the tour. No worries.

Should we have breakfast before the morning tour?

Yes, it is recommended. Snacks, water, and tapioca tastings are included in the tour, but it ends around 2:00 PM. Having breakfast before the tour would be better.

What should we wear on the tour?

Please wear casual clothes and sneakers for your comfort and convenience.

Can we do the Mekong tour after the Tunnels morning tour?

Yes, you can. We offer another tour called “Premier Small Group – Cu Chi Tunnels & Mekong Delta 1 Day Tour.” Please check our website or contact us for more information.

Can we do the Mekong tour after the Tunnels afternoon tour?

Unfortunately, no. The Tunnels and Mekong tour requires a full day from 7:30 AM to 7:00 PM to complete.