Women Day Vietnam: Illuminates the Spirit of Women

Women Day Vietnam is a significant occasion that commemorates the establishment of the Vietnamese Anti-Imperial Women’s Association in 1930. This day holds cultural and historical importance as it celebrates the contributions and achievements of women in Vietnamese society. In this article, we will provide a general overview of Vietnamese Women’s Day, exploring its origins and highlighting its significance in honoring the role of women in Vietnam.

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Events and Celebrations for Women Day Vietnam

Vietnamese Women’s Day Overview

The origins of Vietnamese Women‘s Day can be traced back to the establishment of the Vietnam Women’s Union on October 20, 1930. This organization aimed to empower and advocate for the rights of women, promoting gender equality and women’s participation in various aspects of life. Vietnamese Women’s Day emerged as a way to honor the efforts and sacrifices made by women in the struggle for national independence and social progress.

The Day to Honor All Women and Their Contributions
The Day to Honor All Women and Their Contributions – Source: Internet

Vietnamese Women’s Day holds significant importance in Vietnam as it commemorates the establishment of the Vietnam Women’s Union. This day serves as a tribute to the notable contributions and achievements of women in Vietnamese society. Designated by the Communist Party of Vietnam, October 20 has become the traditional day for Women’s Day celebrations throughout the country.

Notable Events and Celebrations

Vietnamese Women’s Day is celebrated with enthusiasm and energy across the country. Various events, parades, workshops, and festivals are organized to pay tribute to the invaluable role of women in Vietnam. These celebrations provide an opportunity to acknowledge their achievements, recognize their contributions to society, and promote gender equality.

  • Festivals and Gatherings: Women’s Day in Vietnam is often marked by vibrant festivals and gatherings. These events bring together women from different backgrounds to celebrate their accomplishments. Festivals showcase traditional Vietnamese culture, featuring performances, music, dance, and exhibitions. These celebrations not only entertain but also serve as platforms to raise awareness about women’s rights and gender equality.
    Parades In Vietnamese Women's Day
    Parades In Vietnamese Women’s Day – Source: Internet
  • Workshops and Seminars: Educational workshops and seminars are organized on Women’s Day to address various issues relevant to women in Vietnam. These events focus on promoting women’s empowerment, fostering leadership skills, and providing opportunities for personal and professional development. Topics covered may include entrepreneurship, career advancement, health and wellness, and gender equality.
  • Social Initiatives: Women’s Day in Vietnam often sees the launch of social initiatives and campaigns aimed at addressing specific challenges faced by women. These initiatives may focus on combating domestic violence, promoting maternal health, supporting women in rural areas, or advocating for equal opportunities in education and employment. Such efforts aim to create positive change and improve the lives of women in Vietnam.
  • Cultural Performances: Cultural performances play a significant role in Women’s Day celebrations. Traditional music, dance, and theatrical performances are showcased to express appreciation for women’s contributions to Vietnamese culture and society. These performances often highlight women’s resilience, strength, and achievements, serving as a source of inspiration for future generations.
  • Community Engagements: Women’s Day is an occasion for community engagement and outreach. Volunteering activities, charity drives, and social programs are organized to support women in need and vulnerable groups. These initiatives aim to address the challenges faced by marginalized women, promote inclusivity, and foster a sense of solidarity within society.

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Cultural Customs and Practices

Cultural Customs

Vietnamese Women’s Day is a celebration enriched by a tapestry of cultural customs and traditions, reflecting the deep respect and admiration for women in Vietnamese society.

During this special occasion, people throughout Vietnam engage in heartfelt gestures to express their gratitude and appreciation for the women in their lives. Family members, friends, and colleagues often present thoughtful gifts, vibrant flowers, or handmade cards as tokens of honor. These gestures serve as tangible expressions of admiration for women’s contributions and as a way to recognize their unique role in society.

Significantly, workplaces and organizations actively participate in the festivities by organizing special events and gatherings. These gatherings provide a platform to acknowledge and celebrate women’s achievements. Engaging keynotes, captivating presentations, and insightful panel discussions shed light on women’s accomplishments and the challenges they have overcome. It is a collective effort to promote gender equality and inspire progress across various sectors.

Symbols and Rituals

On Women’s Day in Vietnam, it is customary for women to receive flowers, gifts, handwritten cards, or well-wishes from those around them, including colleagues, spouses, and sometimes even from the community and business groups.

Another cherished ritual on Women’s Day is the exchange of heartfelt messages or letters. This intimate practice allows individuals to express their deepest appreciation, admiration, and support for the women who have made a positive impact on their lives. The written word becomes a vessel, carrying sentiments of gratitude and encouragement, adding to the profound meaning of Women’s Day.

Furthermore, Women’s Day in Vietnam serves as an opportunity for women to come together, celebrate their achievements, and forge connections. Festive gatherings, luncheons, or parties provide a space for women to share their experiences, inspire one another, and form lasting bonds. These joyful gatherings foster a spirit of solidarity and sisterhood, enhancing women’s empowerment and resilience.

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Gift Ideas for Women’s Day in Vietnam

Vietnamese Women’s Day is a special occasion celebrated on October 20th each year to honor and appreciate the contributions of women in Vietnamese society. If you’re looking for meaningful ways to show your appreciation or are a traveler interested in participating in Women’s Day celebrations in Vietnam, here are some suggestions to consider.

  • Flowers: Gifting flowers is a popular and cherished tradition in Vietnam. A bouquet of roses, orchids, or lotus flowers can be a beautiful and thoughtful gesture to express your admiration and gratitude on Vietnamese Women’s Day.
    Flowers Are Ideal Gift In Women Day Vietnam
    Flowers Are Ideal Gift In Women Day Vietnam – Source: Internet
  • Vietnamese traditional ao dai: Consider gifting a Vietnamese traditional ao dai, the elegant and iconic national dress. This gift not only showcases the beauty of Vietnamese culture but also allows women to embrace their heritage and style.
  • Handmade crafts: Support local artisans and women-owned businesses by choosing handmade crafts as gifts. Vietnamese handicrafts such as embroidered artwork, lacquerware, or silk products are not only unique but also promote traditional craftsmanship.
  • Spa or wellness vouchers: Treat the women in your life to a day of relaxation and self-care. Gift vouchers for a spa treatment, massage, or wellness retreat can provide a rejuvenating experience that helps them unwind and celebrate their well-being.
  • Congratulatory message (Greeting Card): A heartfelt congratulatory message can be a precious gift in itself. Express your appreciation and admiration for the women in your life through a personalized letter or card. Share your heartfelt thoughts and let them know how their contributions make a difference.

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Greeting Cards Is A Simple Gift For Your Beloved Women
Greeting Cards Is A Simple Gift For Your Beloved Women – Source: Internet


Vietnamese Women’s Day in Vietnam, celebrated on October 20th, holds great cultural significance. It is a time to honor and appreciate the contributions of women in Vietnamese society. By understanding its historical foundation and actively participating in the cultural celebrations, visitors can gain a deeper appreciation for the rich traditions and values of Vietnam.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: How is Women’s Day celebrated in Vietnam?

A1: Women’s Day in Vietnam, celebrated on October 20th, is marked by various events and activities. These include public concerts, exhibitions, and festivals that highlight women’s achievements and promote gender equality. It is also common to give flowers, gifts, and heartfelt messages to honor and appreciate the women in Vietnamese society.

Q2: What is special about October 20 in Vietnam?

A2: October 20th is celebrated as Vietnamese Women’s Day. It is a significant occasion to recognize and celebrate the contributions of women in Vietnamese culture and society. The day provides an opportunity to address women’s rights, promote gender equality, and engage in discussions on women’s issues.

Q3: What are women’s rights like in Vietnam?

A3: Vietnam has made progress in promoting women’s rights and achieving gender equality. The government has implemented laws and policies to protect women from discrimination and violence. However, challenges such as limited access to education, income disparities, and traditional gender stereotypes still exist. Efforts are ongoing to enhance women’s economic empowerment, increase their representation in leadership roles, and address gender-based violence.

Q4: What Vietnamese holiday is on March 8?

A4: March 8th is celebrated as International Women’s Day worldwide, including in Vietnam. On this day, various events and activities are organized to honor women’s achievements, raise awareness about women’s rights, and advocate for gender equality. It is a time to acknowledge the progress made and the work yet to be done in empowering women and promoting their rights globally.