Top 6 Vietnam Coffee Brands: A Comprehensive List for Caffeine Enthusiasts

Are you ready to explore the top 6 Vietnam coffee brands? Let’s dive into Vietnam’s awesome coffee scene, where every sip is a journey. Picture vibrant markets, cute cafes, and the stars of the show – Vietnam coffee brands! Meet Trung Nguyen Coffee, G7, Vinacafe, and friends. It’s not just a cup; it’s a flavor-packed ride through “Exploring Vietnam’s Coffee Brands.” Grab your mug and join the caffeinated fun!

Top 6 Vietnam Coffee Brands 

Trung Nguyen Coffee: Crafting Excellence in Every Cup

In the tapestry of Vietnam’s coffee culture, Trung Nguyen Coffee stands as a beacon of excellence. As a prominent player in coffee production, processing, and trading, Trung Nguyen Group has etched its mark on the global coffee landscape. The brand, known for its diverse range of coffee blends, has become a household name, not just in Vietnam but in over 60 countries worldwide.

Trung Nguyên Legend Products
Trung Nguyên Legend Products – Source: Collected

Global Presence and Recognition

Trung Nguyen Coffee has transcended borders, establishing a significant presence in the international market. Its reputation for delivering high-quality, flavorful coffee has earned the brand a place of distinction among coffee enthusiasts globally. With a commitment to excellence, Trung Nguyen has become a symbol of Vietnamese coffee craftsmanship, bringing a piece of Vietnam’s rich coffee heritage to coffee lovers around the world.

Trung Nguyen Coffee Village: A Unique Experience

At the heart of Trung Nguyen’s legacy lies the captivating Trung Nguyen Coffee Village, an architectural marvel spanning 20,000m² in the northwest of Buon Ma Thuot city, Dak Lak province. Conceived by the visionary Dang Le Nguyen Vu, the village is a realization of the dream to establish a “global coffee capital” in Vietnam. Since its completion in December 2008, the Coffee Village has become a cultural hub, celebrating the artistry and tradition of Vietnamese coffee.

Exploring the World Coffee Museum

Nestled within the Trung Nguyen Coffee Village is the World Coffee Museum, a treasure trove of over 10,000 artifacts initially curated by collector Jens Burg in Germany. With around 500 unique artifacts on display, the museum offers a fascinating journey through the history, evolution, and cultural significance of coffee. It serves as a testament to Trung Nguyen’s commitment to preserving and sharing the global heritage of this beloved beverage.

world coffee museum
World Coffee Museum – Source: Collected

G7 Coffee: A Global Indulgence in Instant Perfection

When it comes to instant coffee, G7, a cherished brand under the Trung Nguyen Joint Stock Company, takes center stage. Launched in November 2003, G7 has become a household name known for its mission to bring the rich flavors of Vietnamese coffee to global markets.

Crafted with a secret roasting technology in Buon Me Thuot and leveraging dual European techniques, G7 ensures the authenticity and quality of its instant coffee products. Exported to over 60 countries, including the US, UK, France, and China, G7 has successfully conquered the palates of coffee enthusiasts worldwide.

G7 - Top Vietnam Coffee Brand
G7 – Top Vietnam Coffee Brand – Source: Collected

The G7 product line boasts a variety of offerings tailored to cater to diverse preferences. For those who crave a sweet yet bold kick to start the day, the G7 3 in 1 Milk Coffee, made from legendary red basalt soil coffee beans, delivers a perfect blend of sweetness and aroma.

For a cappuccino with a twist, the G7 Hazelnut Cappuccino blends the finest Buon Me Thuot coffee beans with cream powder and a unique mixing secret, creating an enticing harmony of bitterness, sweetness, and the delightful scent of hazelnuts.

If you prefer your coffee on the rocks, the G7 2 in 1 Iced Black Coffee caters to the Vietnamese taste for strong, bitter, and rich black coffee. With modern technology and unique know-how, it offers a refreshing yet robust flavor.

For the aficionados of robust coffee experiences, the G7 Milk Coffee Strong Taste X2, introduced in 2013, promises an intensified kick. With a breakthrough formula and modern processing technology, this variant is tailored for those seeking heightened alertness, increased concentration, and enhanced creativity.

G7 Black Coffee, a line dedicated to purists who prefer their coffee sans sugar, embodies purity in flavor. Crafted from clean coffee beans and modern roasting techniques, it delivers a potent, rich taste and a passionate aroma.

In every sip, G7 Coffee encapsulates the essence of Vietnamese coffee culture, making it a beloved choice for coffee connoisseurs worldwide.

Vinacafe: Brewing Excellence in Vietnamese Coffee

Vinacafe, a prominent brand synonymous with the rich coffee culture of Vietnam, is not just a label on coffee products; it represents a legacy of taste and tradition. The story of Vinacafe begins with the Bien Hoa Coffee Factory, which, after initially focusing on pre-processed ground coffee, transitioned to instant coffee production.

Vinacafe – Source: Collected

In 1983, the distinctive “Vinacafe” brand emerged on packaging, signifying coffee proudly produced in Vietnam. Initially exported to the Soviet Union and Eastern European countries, Vinacafe marked its presence with a commitment to quality and a clear indication of its Vietnamese origin.

As the political landscape shifted in the late 1980s, Vinacafe adapted to domestic demand. Returning to the Vietnamese market in 1990, the brand faced a coffee culture deeply rooted in the tradition of roasted, ground coffee. Recognizing the need to cater to diverse preferences, Vinacafe introduced the innovative 3-in-1 instant coffee product.

Packaged with sugar and cream powder, this instant coffee variant resonated with consumers who preferred a quick and convenient coffee experience without compromising on flavor. The success of Vinacafe’s 3-in-1 instant coffee was not just a triumph for the brand but a shift in coffee consumption habits within the country.

Vinacafe strategically positioned itself to capture the market segment of users accustomed to enjoying coffee with milk without the wait for traditional drip-filtered coffee. The product’s triumph was further amplified by word-of-mouth endorsements from individuals who had experienced Vinacafe during their time in Eastern Europe.

Today, Vinacafe stands as a symbol of success in the domestic instant coffee market. Beyond Vietnam’s borders, the brand has secured its place internationally, with intellectual property registrations in Vietnam and numerous countries worldwide. Vinacafe’s journey is not just about coffee; it’s a celebration of innovation, adaptability, and a flavorful tribute to Vietnam’s coffee heritage.

Phuc Long Coffee & Tea: Where Tradition Meets Innovation

Established in 1968 in Bao Loc, Lam Dong, Phuc Long Coffee & Tea House has blossomed from a modest tea and coffee shop into a beloved Vietnamese brand. With a commitment to excellence, Phuc Long has become synonymous with high-quality Vietnamese tea and coffee.

Phúc Long Coffee Shop
Phúc Long Coffee Shop – Source: Collected

The heart of Phuc Long lies in preserving tradition. The brand places a strong emphasis on traditional brewing methods, ensuring that each cup tells a story of authenticity. What sets Phuc Long apart is its dedication to using locally-sourced ingredients, creating beverages that capture the true essence of Vietnam.

Phuc Long’s menu is a journey through the rich tapestry of Vietnamese tea and coffee. From traditional varieties that pay homage to the country’s heritage to innovative blends and modern interpretations of classic drinks, there’s something for every palate.

Beyond the flavors, Phuc Long coffee shops are crafted to offer a comfortable retreat. The decor seamlessly blends traditional and modern elements, creating an inviting space where customers can savor their beverages at a leisurely pace. It’s not just about the coffee; it’s an experience that bridges the past and the present.

Highlands Coffee: Where Comfort Meets Coffee Excellence

Established in 1998 by entrepreneur David Thai, Highlands Coffee has emerged as a prominent Vietnamese coffeehouse chain, capturing the hearts of locals and visitors alike. The brand’s expansion, both domestically and internationally, is a testament to its commitment to delivering high-quality coffee in a warm and inviting ambiance.

At the core of Highlands Coffee’s business philosophy is the belief that great coffee should be enjoyed in a comfortable setting. The coffee shops are thoughtfully designed to create a cozy atmosphere, seamlessly blending modern aesthetics with traditional elements. This fusion provides customers with a welcoming space to savor their favorite brews.

Highlands Coffee Shop

The menu at Highlands Coffee is a delightful exploration of coffee diversity. From traditional Vietnamese coffee to international favorites, drip coffee, iced coffee, espresso-based drinks, and specialty beverages, there’s something for every coffee enthusiast. The extensive range ensures that whether you’re a fan of the classics or eager to try something new, Highlands Coffee has you covered.

One notable aspect of Highlands Coffee is its commitment to providing value. With generally competitive pricing, many customers find the balance between cost and quality reasonable. This accessibility has contributed to the brand’s popularity and widespread appeal.

Highlands Coffee doesn’t just cater to the regulars; it keeps things exciting with seasonal options that align with evolving consumer preferences. This commitment to freshness and variety ensures that every visit to Highlands Coffee is a chance to discover new flavors and enjoy the best of Vietnam’s coffee culture.

Highlands Coffee Products
Highlands Coffee Products – Source: Collected

In the dynamic landscape of coffeehouse chains, Highlands Coffee stands tall as a beloved destination, offering not just a cup of coffee but an immersive experience where comfort and excellence converge.

King Coffee: Elevating Vietnamese Coffee Excellence Worldwide

In the realm of Vietnamese ground coffee brands, King Coffee reigns supreme, standing tall among the most celebrated. Founded by Le Hoang Diep Thao, King Coffee has carved a niche for itself through an unwavering commitment to quality and a passion for innovation. This dedication is at the core of the brand’s philosophy, aiming to offer a distinct and memorable coffee experience for its customers.

What sets King Coffee apart is not just its local acclaim but its bold venture into the global market. The brand’s expansion beyond Vietnam is a testament to its unwavering focus on delivering top-notch quality and a genuine desire to share the richness of Vietnamese coffee culture with the world.

 King Coffee Products
King Coffee Products – Source: Collected

At the heart of King Coffee’s offerings is a diverse range of coffee products, including instant coffee, roast and ground coffee, catering to various preferences and brewing methods. The brand’s menu extends beyond the conventional, featuring thoughtful additions like coffee gift sets, milk tea, and even bottled spring water, ensuring there’s something for every discerning palate.

One distinctive feature that places King Coffee on a pedestal is its emphasis on premium coffee beans. With a meticulous selection process and a dedication to excellence in roasting, King Coffee consistently delivers a cup of coffee that embodies the essence of quality and sophistication.

The global export of King Coffee products further underscores the brand’s standing in the coffee industry. As an ambassador of Vietnamese coffee, King Coffee extends an invitation to coffee enthusiasts worldwide to savor the unique flavors and cultural richness encapsulated in every cup.


In conclusion, the rich tapestry of Vietnamese coffee brands tells a story of tradition, innovation, and global acclaim. From the iconic Trung Nguyen to the global reach of King Coffee, each brand weaves a unique narrative. As you plan your travels, immerse yourself in the aromatic landscapes, savor the diverse blends, and let Vietnamese coffee culture awaken your senses. Your journey is not just about destinations but the delightful encounters with every sip of Vietnam’s coffee excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best coffee brand in Vietnam?

Determining the “best” coffee brand is subjective, as preferences vary. However, Trung Nguyen, King Coffee, and Highlands Coffee are renowned Vietnamese brands celebrated for their quality and diverse offerings.

2. Is Vietnam famous for coffee?

Absolutely. Vietnam is globally acclaimed for its unique coffee culture and is one of the top coffee-producing countries. The country’s robusta beans contribute to its fame, and Vietnamese coffee is cherished for its distinct flavor.

3. Is Trung Nguyen good?

Trung Nguyen is highly regarded for its quality and variety. As one of Vietnam’s leading coffee brands, Trung Nguyen offers a range of blends, making it a popular choice among locals and tourists alike.

4. What is the ranking of Vietnamese coffee in the world?

Vietnam proudly holds the position of the second-largest coffee exporter globally. Notably, in the International Coffee Organization’s Annual Review 2021/2022, Vietnam secured the top spot in coffee cultivation yield, boasting an impressive 2.4 tons/hectare. This underscores Vietnam’s significant contribution to the world’s coffee industry and its commitment to excellence in coffee cultivation.